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It was worth every penny! First of all, working with Shaun through email was very easy and he always responded very quickly to my questions. I just had to tell him what things we were interested in and he came up with a great itinerary.  The hotels they picked for us was really a great treat. They all had great positives (the location in Dublin, the view in Killarney, historic castles) and all were 5 star. If you get a chance to visit Ireland you have to stay at Ashford Castle- it's a once in a lifetime experience.  And we loved our driver- Kieran. Everyday he showed up in a sparkling clean BMW with water and newspapers for us. Then he would do all the work while we were able to relax in the backseat and enjoy the beautiful Irish scenery. Because it was just us and Kieran we were able to tailor the trip as we went. We could spend as much or as little time as we wanted at any stop; we didn't have to wait for a bus load of people.  Obviously this trip cost more than your standard "big bus tour" but it was worth it! It was a stress free, relaxing time and we got to visit some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.